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Miku was excited seeing it had snowed heavily, meaning she, Chomper and Pricat could build a snow minion and play all kinds of games in the snow, seeing her Purpke furred brotner and sister sleeping.

But inside the chubby five year old, germs had gotten in, so we're beginning to make her sick with measles, but Miku didn't notice because of the snow fun she was planning to have distracted her, and right now, the little pup was pkaying with her pkush of Hatsune Miku.

"Whoa, I feel kind of warm hehe!" Miku said giggling.

"Oh yeah, we're in business Pkus with the snow, this little pup will be sick in no time." Tne leader of the germs said as he and his friends high fived.

They loved making minion pups sick, and having them miss fun things like field trips or snow days but excitable sering Chomper and Pricat because Purpke minion pups were way eadier to get sick, with their weak immune systems.

"They're next, once we make this one sick hehe." the leader said in glee.

"Think fast, Blankie Miku!" Pricat said.

Chomper, Miku and Pricat were outside in the snow, but having fun like building snow pups, snow forts but pkaying Capture the Snow Monster, since Eldora had read them a book about yetis.

"You Ojay, your cheeks are pink!" Chomper said to Miku.

"I'm good, let's pkay!" Miku lied as a fever was beginning, imagining their snow pups were real making Miku run making Chomper and Pricat confused.

"We gotta see if she's Ojay, as she looked scared!" Pricat said.

Miku was not feeling good as she felt really hot, plus unawsre to her, little Purpke spits were coveting her body plus she was coughing and her throat hurt making her whimper.

Pricat heard her giggling but Tbat was the fever doing an number on her plus eating snow making Chomper curious.

"Cool, look at Miku!" he said.

"Whoa, spits and Purpke ones!" Pricat said.

Mimu was licking her Purpke furred face, as the germs were entering the Purpke minion female but she foubd it cute.

"Maybe we shoukd go home, as I think Miku is sick and mommy can help her." Chomper said making Miku frown.

"I can still pkay, no spots are stopping fun!" Miku said feeling woozy as Chomper and Pricat caught her feeling she was sick going home.
"Do you feel better, after sleeping more?" Miku asked Chomper and Pricat as they were eating cupcakes but drinking milk from sippy cups"

"Yeah, we feel better after our nap." Pricat said cuddling Miku but she noticed her best friend was chubby poking it gently making Pricat giggly but all three were wearing pull ups since minion pups that age were not house or castle broken.

Eldora wondered what was funny, seeing their game making her giggle because it was cute but playing with them.

"Hehe, mommy!" Miku said giggling hysterically along with Chomper and Pricat who were cuddling her which made Eldora emotional trying not to show it in case they got worried.

"Mommy, it's Ojay, we're Ojay but cute!" Pricat said.

In their room, Pricat was trying to read a storybook to Chomper and Miku but she didn't know how to like when she was bigger so making one up, with her friends using dolls and otjer toys.

Plus the sun was coming up, meaning bedtime for them as Chomper and Pricat were rubbing their eyes and fighting the urge to sleep seeing Eldora there.

"Aww, you need your sleep, to grow." she said giving them warm milk along with Miku seeing them gulp it down hiccuping and belching, making Eldora giggle 

Tne warm milk had something in it that was making all three pups chubby especially Chomper and Pricat as they were drinking another cupful hearing their shirts rip, revealing chubby Purpke furred bellies.

"Hehe yor bellies are growing too like us!" Chomper said.

"That's right honey, so is your sisters's and Miku's." Eldora said kissing them good morning along with their bellies making Miku giggle because her belly was becoming big like her brother and sister.
Eldora was surprised seeing Chomper, Miku and Pricat as little pups which was cute seeing them curious but shy making the Purpke minion queen get it.

"Are you our mommy?" Miku asked, melting Eldora's heart seeing Chomper and Pricat room gh housing which was funny but cute scooping them up onto her lap.

"Yes, as three little ones need somebody watching you." Eldora said to them cuddling them as it was late at night knowing that purple Miniobs were nocturnal meaning Chomper and Pricat wanted to stay up and play.

Miku giggled at her friends, as they were in pyjamas so pkaying and running around which Eldora found sweet because she never got to be with Chomper and Pricat when they were this age, because they had been living in the human world.

Pkus they were eating cake, which was fuelling their energy, which was fine with Eldora but the royal court not so much.

That next day, Chomper and Pricat along with Miku were deep asleep, after playing all night which Eldora foubd sweet plus had read to them when the sun had risen which they had loved, so was tucking them in but left them be.

"They're gonna love it here, you know?" Eldora said to herself.

She was drinking tea since being purple minion, caffeine made her wired but she hoped that things would be okay as she was kind of happy her pups had swam in the Minion fountain of youth so they coukd bond.

Later, that afternoon Miku was cuddling a sleepy Chomper and Pricat because they were still sleepy, from being up all night which was cure plus their fluffy purple fur was so soft!

"Hehe, that helps blankie Miku." Pricat said yawning revealing baby fangs which Miku foubd adorable smiling.

"Just sleep more, since we can play later." Miku said to them.
It was a hot day in the Minion Kingdom despite being Fall so Chomper, Miku and Pricat had been searching for a place to cool down, since Chomper and Pricat being covered in Purpke fur, made them overheated.

"Sweet, I foubd a lake, we can go swimming!" Miku said, as Chomper and Pricat high fived her.

It wasn't an normal lake, but Tne minion fountain of youth, and Miniobs that swam in it or drank from it's water became younger so Eldora had hidden it because of how dangerous it could be.

"Last one on is a banana!" Chomper said diving in.

"No fair, you always do that!" Pricat said as she dived into the water, which felt so good along with Miku.

They were having so much fun, they did not notice the magic was changing them into five year olds plus they had drank the water so it was happening.

"Hehe, I feel funny, like all the worry of growing up went away!" Miku said.

"Woah, we shrank!" Chomper said to her making Pricat stick out her tongue at him.

"We grew down, into pups, like five year olds, cool!" she said.

"Tag!" Chomper said as Miku and Pricat were chasing him, because it was good being pups again, as Eldora said Chomper and Pricat were growing up too fast.

"Let's never grow up again!" Chomper said.

Eldora was worried, that Chomper and Pricat weren't home along with Miku unaware they had swam in the fountain of youth or drank from it becoming younger forever of sorts, hoping they woukd come home soon.

"We shoukd let them be, but I have a feeling they foubd sonething that was hidden a long time." she said.

Tnat made her royal court worty, knowing she meant the fountain of youth hoping Tne Young Royal pups were Ojay.
Miku was hoping that Eldora's plan would work, as she needed Pricat back seeing Chomper in a loin cloth giggling, since it was fun making Miku giggle.

"The cave is in the mountains, from what the tracks show but be careful." Miku heard Eldora say.

Chomper nodded leaving, but approaching the cave, on his purple furred hands and feet hearing laughter seeing the tribe running around and being rambunctious seeing his wild little sister wrestling over food.

"Whoa, this is awesome!" he said to himself.

A weird tingly feeling deep inside was making him chuckle and snort without caring, shaking his head getting back on track as he was on a mission.

Pricat was curious, tackle hugging him howling happily as she was hoping Chomper would listen to his instincts and become one of the tribe.

"You join us, right?" she said.

"Maybe." Chomper said to her.

That night in the cave, Chomper was lying awake because that weird feeling was back, since the tribe was awesome wondering if living with them had made Pricat awesome, seeing Pricat awake too cuddling him.

"That instinct feeling, no fight it Chomp." she said to him.

"Yeah, hehe!" Chomper said as he was conflicted.

He wanted to be with his sister, but Eldora and Miku needed him but was letting instincts take over because maybe he could turn it off.

He was giggling a lot, making Pricat happy that Chomper was becoming like her.
Hey guys I've had a good few days as you can tell from my status posts that I put on here.

This past Friday, I saw Finding Dory and on opening day too here in the uk but it was very sweet and funny and I loved how disability positive it was which makes me so happy, Pkus I love Bailey and Hank lol meaning I might need to go to the Disney Store and buy either a beanie of either or a tsum tsum of either.

Plus I found out that Dreamworks released stuff for Home, Adventures with Tip and Oh (I love Dreamworks Home) and it loojs awesome like Adventure Time hehe also I love the songs especially the theme song, and Booving In 

Plus on Sunday evening, my family and I will be getting on a boat to go to England for our annual two week vacation but I will have internet so I won't be gone but I might not be sketching until I get back.

Plus I created an new Purpke minion friend for Chomper and Pricat named Hawk because he has a Mohawk but he's not mean so maybe an new story is in order but we'll see hehe


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Name- Carley.


I live in my own little flat that's an wxtension of our house.

Things I like doing

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Fave songs

Who I'd Be- Shrek the Musical

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Perry's Theme- Phineas and Ferb.

To the Fairies That Draw Near- Loreena mckennitt

Dance Forever- Allstar Weekend

Hey Princess- Allstar Weekend.

High School Never Ends- Bowling For Soup

We Wish You A Perry Christmas- Phineas and Ferb.

Feels Like Magic- Winx Club

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Looking Up- Paramore

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Lesson Number One- Lea Salonga.

My Name Is Doof- Phineas and Ferb.

Wishes- Wishes soundtrack.

Fantasmic finale.

Misrty Business- Paramore.

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Beast Quest- Adam Blade

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