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It was now December meaning Christmas was coming up, which made Miku happy but knew Pricat didn't know what it was but she could help her learn, knowing her best feral girl minion friend would climb the Christmas tree, since she'd done it at the Gru house.

She saw the feral purple purple minion female pkaying with and looking at the Christmas ornaments, making Miku smile because it was cute.

"These good balls!" Pricat said, rolling baubles across the floor.

"They're for the Christmas tree sweetie, to make it pretty." Miku said.

"Me climb!" Pricat said, as Miku was nervous, seeing her do this, hoping she wouldn't get hurt, or if she understood what danger meant guessing the tribe she'd been with were like this.

"Just be careful, as it's dangerous!" Miku said seeijgPricat jump down but landed on the couch giggling.

"Again!" she said makijg Chomper chuckle but heard Miku sneeze makimgPricat curious 

"She must be coming down with something, as peopke and minions get colds this time of year." Chomper said to her.

Pricat was scared seeing Miku in bed, but sick with a bad cold thinking it was her fault, that Miku was sick leaving the house going into the woods to her tribe's cave where she wouldn't make Miku worse.

"Me stay here, so Blankie get better." she told herself, feeling sleepy lying down on the hay that the tribe slept on drifting off.

But Chomper was scared along with Miku, as Pricat had ran off hoping they could find her, once the snow storm died down.

"I think I know where she is, in her trobe's cave!" Miku said sneezing.

Chomper had a feeling his wild little sister thought Miku being sick was her fault and had ran away so they had to talk to her, if the cave wasn't snowed in.

Chomper was running into the woods which were covered in ice and snow finding the cave was snowed in, hearing zPricat whimper which worried him, digging his way Tnrough, seeing his sister not look so good, shivering.

"Blankie will be fine, but you don't look so good." Chomper said carrying her on his back going back to Miku's house.

""Oh my gosh, she's cold, really cold!"Miku said worried, wrapping a blanket around her friend hearing her whimper which relieved her, knowing her friend needed severe TLC.

"Blankie not mad?"Pricat said softly.

"Nope, but I'm worried about you as you're sick from being out there in the cold, but I can help." Miku said giving her cocoa since it might help her feel better.

Miku knew that her feral best friend was sick, from being out in the cold too long so was seeing Pricat drink up cocoa while blowing her nose on the blanket Miku had given her.

"Me feel yucky, Blankie." Pricat told her weakly.

"I know sweetie, but it is an nasty cold but you will get better." Miku told her.
"Mmm, candy good, Miku like too?" Pricat asked.

"Yep it is awesome, and yes Miku does love candy." Chomper said.

It was a few days later and Miku was gone for the day, so Chomper was watching Pricat because she was his wild little sisyer so had decided to give her candy.

Right now, Pricat was eating chocolate, and getting very hyper, like climbing the wall like trees, doing back flips but swinging from the chandelier in the living room, which Chomper found awesome recording.

After a while, the feral purple minion female was feeling icky inside, as she was feeling her tinny ache whimpering but crying making Chomper worry remembering Miku had left her cellphone number, just in case.

"Hokd on sis, I'm getting Blankie Miku." Chomper said.

"Show me what's wrong, where it hurts." Miku said to Pricat.

She'd figured that Chomper would screw up, while being left alone with Pricat but stunned he'd given her a lot of candy seeing Pricat point to her tummy making Miku get it.

"Aww, somebody has her first tummy ache!" Miku said, seeing the feral Purpke minion female throw up making her feel bad hearing her cry.

"Sweetie, I'm not mad at you, as Chomper pumped you full of sugar which was not good but let's go get you cleaned up." Miku said carrying her to the batnroom.

She saw that Pricat had candy stuck in her fangs, but giving her a bath which was helping them, Pkus Pricat was curious, seeing Miku had a toothbrush.

"You have candy stuck in your fangs, but this will help get it out." Miku told her brushing Pricat's fangs which was helping and after the bath, Pricat was in her night dress but her tummy still hurt, which made Mimu frown.

"Aww, you don't feel so good, but I can help." Miku said.

"Pricat feel yucky!" the feral purple minion whimpered, as Miku led her into her room, since Pricat didn't like sleeping alone.

Miku was grabbing a hot water bottle because she knew that it would make her feel a little better, putting it on Pricat's belly explaining.

"This feel nice...." Pricat said getting sleepy.

Mimu was kissing her forehead, hoping she would feel better in the morning, hearing her go to the bathroom, like Miku taught her.
It was morning in Berk as a young five year old boy with brown red hair woke up from sleep, rubbing sleep from his eyes getting dressed but going outside hoping the other kids wouldn't pick on him as he sighed but saw his father Stoick the Vast give him breakfast.

"Morning Daddy!" he said as Stoick sighed.

Hiccup reminded the chief of his wife Valka who had been taken by a dragon when Hiccup was a baby but felt bad about being so stoic towards the child.

"Morning Hiccu, but I have to go." he said leaving.

Hiccup sighed as he hated when his Dad left and didn't like when he did this and wanted a friend even if it was a dragon sighing.

He was going to the forest, his favourite place to play, and look for trolls but were hearing soft growls and whimpers making the little boy curious as he had heard grown ups talk about traps which was why his Dad worried about him playing here.

"Hey little guy, it's okay, you got caught in that trap huh?" he said.

He managed to get the little Night Fury out of the trap feeling him nuzzle his leg making him giggle.

"Wow you may be a dragon but you're a kid, like me.

You don't have an name huh?" he said.

The little Night Fury shook his head but Hiccup saw it had retractable teeth making the boy chuckle.

"I'm Hiccup, but lonely Toothless.

The other kids make fun of me, but I don't know why." he said.

Toothless nuzzled him making him laugh and were having fun but were having fun, hoping the other kids like Astrid didn't see and were having fun.


Later Hiccup?had to go before his father worried and saw Toothless hear roars as itbwas his mother making Hiccup sad in case he didn't see him again knowing if he didn't go, his Dad might come and might hurt Toothless if he found him, seeing them go feeling sad.

He was going home but Stoick wondered what he'd been doing.

"Playing in the forest Dad." he said softly.

He was drawing after dinner, drawing Toothless as he knew the other kids wouldn't believe him or his Dad might be angry since the adults were mad at dragons and hopef to see Toothless again.

But in his nest where he, his mother and brothers were sleeping, Toothless was thinking about Hiccup as he was lonelyntoo, as his brother got to explore and their mother wouldn't let him as he was too little.

He hoped to see Hiccup again, unaware of what Fate might deal them.
"Chomper, you should know better than to get Pri to do your stunts!" Miku scolded.

"She wanted to get you honey, so I told her honey is in beehives, I didn't expect her to do it!" Chomper rep,ied.

"Miku, stingies hurt!" Pricat said upset.

"I know sweetie, but when I get them out, it'll be okay Pricat." Miku said.

"Pri-cat, who that?" she asked as Chomper smirked.

"That's your name sweetie, remember?" Miku said.

Apparently Chomper had told the feral female to get honey from a beehive knowing she didn't know bees stung, but had gotten the first aid kit, using the tweezers. To get the bee stingers out.

She was singing Hatsune Miku songs, as Pricat liked them and distracting her from the stings almost getting them all out.

"Now I have to clean tnem, so no bugs can make you sick." Miku said.

"Me trust you, Blankie." Pricat said making her grin.

Pkus there was another challenge they had to deal with, as Pricat didn't want to wear clothes much to Chomper's amusement so had tried explaining hat she couldn't go outside without clothes knowing the neighbour's were curious.

But Miku had an idea, knowing tribal and cro minions wore loin cloths so was buying some for Pricat since she probably saw some of the tribe in these.

"Yeah, me like these." Pricat said making Miku relieved.

She saw her happier which was good, after those bee stings so was seeing her getting wilder but refusing to walk on both feet.

"She'll do it when she's ready, no rush." Chomper said.

After a while, they saw Pricat tired, and rubbing her eye guessing she needed an nap, letting her pass out and then put her on the couch.

"We need to go to the store, but somebody has to stay and watch Pri." Miku said, phoning the Gru house.

She knew that Kevin could take good care of her best girl minion friend until she and Chomper got back.

Pricat was a little scared after waking up from her nap, as Miku wasn't there or the purple minion boy who wanted her to do weird things wasn't here either.

"Go find!" she said leaving the house unaware Kevin was supposed to be watching her.

Kevin was worried realising the wild purple minion female had taken off seeing Miku's car and Pricat in it with Chomper and Miku.

"It's okay Kev, as I guessed that would happen." Miku said.

"Oh, but she will be okay?" Kevin adked.

"We're not sure, as she was gone for a long time." Miku said.

Chomper saw his wild sister curious about the car, but saw her attention distracted by butterflies making Miku happy.
Miku was putting nuts and berries into a bowl for Pricat, since Eldora had told her the tribe of wild purple minions ate those kinds of things, so maybe Pricat would eat if it reminded her of the tribe seeing the female purple minion playing.

"Look sweetie, food to help you fel strong." Miku said.

Pricat was snatching the bowl from her, eating like a wild animal, but Miku was happy that her best girl minion friend was eating something 

"Atta girl, as you gotta eat plus this is what you eat with the tribe." Miku said seeing Pricat tackle hug her, making her giggle.

"Fel better, Miku." she said making Chomper happy.

"It's good you got her to eat, as she looked really thin when she found you Miku." Eldora said as they were in the castle in the Minion Kingdom.

"But what now, as Pri is pretty feral?" Chomper asked.

"Help her, but slowly as it has been a long while since she has been around others, plus she has no clue of who she is."  Eldora said to them.

Miku nodded, seeing Pricat surfing down the banister, landing on her messy purple furred feet clapping.

"Whoa, that is dangerous!" Miku said to her.

"Me do this a lot, with trees." Pricat said.

Chomper kind of liked his sister this way, as she wanted to play and do stunts, compared tobeinganxios all the time, so why rush?

Right now, a whole lot of ideas were forming in his mind, about to have fun with his sister being a wild minion girl as Eldora sighed.

"Let's go have more fun, Pri." Chomper said as Pricat was following him which made Miku nervous at what he might do.
Hey guys I've had a good few days as you can tell from my status posts that I put on here.

This past Friday, I saw Finding Dory and on opening day too here in the uk but it was very sweet and funny and I loved how disability positive it was which makes me so happy, Pkus I love Bailey and Hank lol meaning I might need to go to the Disney Store and buy either a beanie of either or a tsum tsum of either.

Plus I found out that Dreamworks released stuff for Home, Adventures with Tip and Oh (I love Dreamworks Home) and it loojs awesome like Adventure Time hehe also I love the songs especially the theme song, and Booving In 

Plus on Sunday evening, my family and I will be getting on a boat to go to England for our annual two week vacation but I will have internet so I won't be gone but I might not be sketching until I get back.

Plus I created an new Purpke minion friend for Chomper and Pricat named Hawk because he has a Mohawk but he's not mean so maybe an new story is in order but we'll see hehe


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Fave songs

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